The Third VOCs Governance Forum in ECUST
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        October 24-25, 2019 marked the 67th anniversary of ECUST as well as the Third VOCs Governance Forum. About 300 people, including alumni, experts in VOCs governance and colleagues from enterprises and institutions came from all over the world to ECUST to attend this forum. Professor Xiu Guangli, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Resources and Environmental Engineering presided over the opening ceremony. The vice president Wu Baijun of ECUST presented at the opening ceremony and delivered his welcome speech.

He expressed sincere welcome to all the present and suggested that Petrochemical industry is the core part in VOCs governance. Only by continuously technical innovation in key industries can we really reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds. To make it, East China University of Science and Technology have to bear its responsibility to conduct scientific research and make full use of its advantages to promote the integration of efficient governance and regulation technology so that sound social and economic development can be fully realized.

Our alumni Dr. Luo Dongmin from CARB, Professor Zhong Liuju, former deputy director of Guangdong monitoring station, Dr. Dai Kelsang, visiting professor of New Jersey Institute of Technology, Li Guohao, associate researcher of Beijing Municipal Research Institute of Environmental Protection, Zou Bin, professor-senior engineer of Sinopec Research Institute of Safety Engineering and Professor Xiu Guangli from the School of Resources and Environmental Engineering of ECUST made a series of reports, introducing monitoring and control policies around the world and presenting technological progress in this area.

The forum was divided into four sub-forums (Intelligent Control and Traceability of Park security, Current Situation and Development of Green Fine Chemicals Industry, Environmental Policy and Standard Integration of the Yangtze River Delta, and Green Painting and Printing) and a training lecture on practical technology of environmental control.

Prof. Qiang Ning, associate professor of College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tongji University, Wang Gen, deputy director of State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Odor Pollution Control, Yu Shaicheng, professor from School of Chemical Engineering in ECUST, Yang Ji, professor of School of Resources and Environmental Engineering in ECUST, Li Jianjun, professor-senior engineer and Director of Green Printing VOCs management committee of Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Associate of China, Wang Ensheng, member of Standing Committee of Policy and Legislation of China National Coatings Industry Association, Cui Huxiong from Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center, Pan Miaoting, senior engineer of Shanghai Chemical Industry Environmental Protection Monitoring Station, Zhang Gangfeng, senior engineer of Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences and many experts from various enterprises shared their experiences and introduced the progresses in these related areas.

This forum, co-organized by School of Resources and Environmental Engineering and VOCs Governance Alumni Association in ECUST and Production-Study-Research-Application Alliance of VOCs Governance in Yangtze River Delta, is one of the activities to celebrate the 67th anniversary of ECUST. It aims to provide a platform for people from government, universities, associations and enterprises to communicate with each other and promote the development of VOCs.




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