The World’s Largest Single Furnace Coal-Water Slurry Gasifier was Successfully Put into Operation in Inner Mongolia
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        Dramatic breakthroughs have been made in Opposed Multi-burner Coal Water Slurry Gasification Technology developed by ECUST and Yanzhou Mining Group. G# Gasifier, adopting Opposed Multi-burner Coal Water Slurry Gasification Technology, can deal with 4000 tons of coal in single furnace per day, producing 210000Nm3/h effective gas (CO+H2). At 15:46 on October 29, 2019, it was successfully put into operation in Inner Mongolia Rong Xin Chemical Company Limited at the first try. Since then, it has provided syngas for Inner Mongolia Rong Xin Chemical Company Limited in its second phase programs, allowing the company to use coals to produce 400,000 tons ethylene glycol and 300,000 tons DMMn each year.

The technology is supported by “Development and demonstration of large-scale coal water slurry gasification technology”, a National High Technology Research and Development Program of China. It is the first time in human history to adopt a 4,000-ton gasifier; as a result, such an adoption won a world record for large-scale coal gasification equipment. There are many innovations and improvements in core equipment, system integration and process configuration in the 4,000-ton Opposed Multi-burner Coal Water Slurry Gasifier, which ensure its high level of safety, reliability and integration, and make it easy to control. All workers kept in mind the mission and devoted themselves into work, successfully completed the project, and achieved a major victory, making great contributions to promote the development of coal-based energy chemical industry in China.

The Gasifier adopted in the first phase of construction of Inner Mongolia Rong Xin Chemical Company Limited was supported by the national “Twelfth Five-year” 863 plan and was the world’s largest single furnace coal water slurry gasification unit. It has brought great economic return to the enterprise since it was put into use on June 24, 2014. The successful operation of the gasification equipment in the second phase will play an active role in promoting the industrial upgrading and circular economy demonstration of Inner Mongolia Rong Xin Chemical Company Limited.

Opposed Multi-burner Coal Water Slurry Gasification Technology has been a representative element of our modern coal chemical technology both domestically and internationally, and promoted our international leading position in entrained flow coal gasifier. We have witnessed the great success in updating gasifiers from 1000 tons, 2000 tons, and 3000 tons per day to 4000 tons per day in the past few years. These developments provide technical support for the construction of large national coal-based energy and chemical base, and strongly promotes the technical progress in the fields of coal-based chemical industry and coal-based polygeneration in China.



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